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Custom Integration Solutions stands as a distinguished managed service provider, exclusively crafted for the modern enterprise. We excel in offering superior network equipment tailored for integration partners. Our all-encompassing solutions seamlessly cater to both the business world and residential sectors. We emphasize advanced security measures, including robust DNS filtering and fortified encrypted VPN access. With Custom Integration Solutions unwavering dedication to pioneering network infrastructure, we’re your trusted ally for both corporate and home needs.

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CIS-AP900-AX Wi-Fi6 Access Point


With the Generation6 802.11ax wireless standard, we’re looking at up to 40% higher speed in the 5 GHz and up to 90% higher speed in the 2.4 GHz spectrum! 

CIS Wi-Fi Manager Compatible

Use CIS Wi-Fi Management on your CIS Router to control and manage mulitple access points.

Number of Ports: 2

1 GIG input port and 1GIG Ethernet ports with PoE-out

CIS-NW-8PoE Router

7 PoE Ethernet Ports

2.5 Gigabit WAN, 10 GIG switching, 10 Gigabit SFP+ cage and 7 PoE ports

Embedded CIS Wi-Fi Management

Equipped with the CIS Wi-Fi Manager, connect your CIS Access Points directly to your CIS Router

VPN Capable

The enterprise router is capable of VPN encryption for secure remote access to automation systems

CIS Platinum Membership

Content & App Filtering 54 categories, white-listing & low false positives

New internet content is detected and classified within 24 hours. Separate ‘Safe Search’ categorization including You-Tube, Google and Bing can also be enabled. When a blocked page is reached users receive a customizable stop page and the event is logge

Malware Mitigation Block 350,000 strains of malware

CIS Malware Mitigation detects the sources of Malware (bad web sites) as well as the symptoms of Malware. This is complementary to anti-threat software deployed on PC’s or devices. CIS mitigates ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets and more than 25,000 variations.


Area restriction Control Block countries considered dangerous. For many reasons the ability to detect and potentially block access to certain countries can be a considerable help.


CIS Wi-Fi Manager is a centralized management solution for wireless networks. It simplifies the deployment and administration of multiple access points by configuring and monitoring them from a CIS Router. This allows seamless network expansion, consistent configurations, and easier diagnostics.

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Custom Integration Solutions USA dedication lies in equipping integrators with avant-garde IT solutions that resonate with the specific demands of the homes and businesses in their purview. Our groundbreaking technology is fine-tuned for a seamless fusion with the unique dynamics and systems inherent to the integration sector.

CIS stands out, not as a mere equipment supplier, but as a passionate ally. Our pledge goes beyond just dispensing elite products; it’s about forging lasting bonds and elevating the customer journey. By harnessing our profound knowledge, igniting innovative thinking, and upholding a spirit of continuous refinement, we set the stage for success.

In collaboration, we aren’t merely navigating the current tech landscape; we’re sculpting its future. Our vision of tailoring forward-looking solutions is steering the integration industry towards uncharted territories—one bespoke solution at a time.

CIS has rewritten the rule book and this router is in a class of its own - CIS-NW-POE Gigabit Router